I am an aspiring Expedition Guide and Survival Consultant on a mission to share my experiences in the wild with the hope that it inspires you to reignite your inner primitive instincts and equips you with the practical tools and skills that can improve your resilience and ability to adapt, survive and thrive.


I am here to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and test yourself so that you too can experience that feeling of empowerment of being self-sufficient in the wilderness.  I believe by unearthing our instincts and learning to be self-sufficient, through our experiences in the backcountry, it can help us excel in our everyday lives, persevere through any challenge as well as reduce our environmental impact. 

An independent and remote farm upbringing instilled in me the philosophy to live self-sufficiently. It provided me with the fundamental tools to live off the land and taught me to thrive from nature instead of relying on a supermarket. This led me to a career in the outdoors where exploration has since become a way of life for me. It is the personal desire to throw myself headfirst into extraordinary challenges; to test my instincts and survival skills and experience moments so far removed from daily life, no matter how local, remote or hostile my location might be. 

I've noticed the comforts and luxuries of modern day life have inhibited us from exercising our primitive practicalities. I believe my generation has significantly lost the confidence and practical tools to be self-sufficient in the outdoors. We no longer know how to hunt and gather for food, build a fire or read a map. I hope that by sharing my experiences and learning curves it motivates others to reignite their instincts and discover their inner-strength, capability, resilience, adaptability and independence that you find when exposed to the elements in the wilderness.

I have traveled to various far-flung places for my profession over the past six years. I am always exploring and exposing myself to new environments in order to learn more about how to survive in the world's climates. I have experienced extreme environmental contrast and understand the logistical requirements involved in organizing ambitious and daring adventures. My adventures have included supporting ski expeditions in the remote aspects of the Arctic, traversing the Panamanian Chagres Jungle, trekking and wild camping, solo, from coast to coast across North America's wilderness, to sailing the world’s oceans.

During the pandemic I worked for Secret Compass. As part of a team, I was supporting TV and Film Crews in the world's most wild, remote and hazardous places, by providing risk management, safety support and logistical expertise. 

The skills that I have gained from sailing oceans, organizing and supporting expeditions, working in remote and far-flung locations and as a private chef for high profile clients is undeniably transferrable across many sectors. My experiences have enhanced my ability to improvise, adapt and operate calmly in a range of settings and circumstances.

As our world grows increasingly connected and ever smaller, it has become more of a challenge to find true adventure. To me, nothing is impossible and nowhere is unreachable.

What does adventure mean to me?

Adventure for me is the brunt of an Arctic storm, a blister the size of my fist and digging deep to unzip my tent at 4am. It is when I am in total isolation, sailing across oceans, hacking through jungles and sharing rare experiences with others. It is discovery and adapting to each unique situation. It will have me driven with adrenaline, overcome with fulfilment and eager to explore more.

The outdoors is my job, my happy place, my passion.

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