Always immersed in the great outdoors, testing her instincts and survival skills and exploring her relationship with different environments, at twenty three years old, Eliza is continuously planning a stimulating and audacious lifestyle for herself. She can be found swinging from her hammock in the depths of a jungle, reeling in a fresh catch for dinner whilst sailing across an ocean, exploring the remote aspects of the Arctic or sharing stories sat around a campfire under the stars.


Eliza has grown up with the philosophy to live a practical, creative and wholesome lifestyle.   This will undoubtably lead to a lifetime connection to the wild; how to observe it, to nurture it and immerse yourself in it! A message of increasing importance as we recognise the escalating damage we are inflicting on our planet.  


Eliza’s natural affinity to the wilderness lifestyle all began on a rustic, old, 17th century English farm, at the end of its bumpy lane, in rural Shropshire. An independent and remote farming upbringing gave her the motivation to throw herself head first into extraordinary challenges and avoid the shackles of convention.


‘'As a child I had a vivid imagination and a strong sense of adventure. Admittedly, I would always end up acting slightly feral, with a tendency to run wild around the farm. There was a certain sense of lawlessness to my childhood years, hunting, shooting and fishing, foraging for wild ingredients, cooking over fire and constructing elaborate dens…’’ 


Eliza developed a knowledge and expertise as a Marine Professional and Chef on private sailing yachts and by the age of twenty one she had sailed over 50,000 nautical miles, completed four Atlantic Crossings and had reeled in, filleted and cooked Ocean fish for innumerable VIP guests and crew.

In 2016 Eliza spent three months away from the sea to preserve her passion for wild camping and drove her truck 8,000 miles, solo, across North America and Canada.


"Bears, Moose, Wolves and Chipmunks became my companions as I explored the wilderness. I drove through canyons, 

climbed mountains, bathed and fished in lakes and streams whilst 

experiencing extreme weather conditions as winter turned to spring. Camping each evening over open fire I was totally connected to the scale of nature and beauty of my surroundings. One morning whilst sitting eating porridge, sitting off the back of my truck, a Cinnamon Bear appeared twenty yards from me to eat the juicy berries close by! It was a joy and an adventure I will never forget''

As our world grows increasingly connected and ever smaller, it has become more of a challenge to find true adventure. Eliza is at the forefront of modern adventure with her ever growing experience of wilderness guiding.


‘'I gain a unique perspective from my expedition experiences, testing my abilities and thinking far beyond my own needs. I provide a real and honest perspective to the stunning and often harsh realities of the  extreme environments I explore.’'