An independent and remote farm upbringing instilled in me the philosophy to live an adventurous and wholehearted lifestyle. Exploration and adventure has since become a way of life for me. It is the personal desire to throw myself headfirst into extraordinary challenges; and experience moments so far removed from daily life, no matter how local, remote or hostile my location might be. 


I have travelled to various far-flung places for my profession over the past six years, including sailing over 50,000nm, alongside expanding on my skills and qualifications as a Wilderness Guide and Chef. I can usually be found cooking up my catch over an open fire, testing my survival techniques or capturing and documenting influential content.


My adventures have included supporting ski expeditions in the remote aspects of the Arctic, traversing the Panamanian Chagres Jungle, trekking and wild camping, solo, from coast to coast across North America's wilderness, to sailing the world’s oceans. I have experienced extreme environmental contrast and understand the logistical requirements involved in organising ambitious and daring travel adventures. 


My love for adventure has lead me to a career in the outdoors with the ultimate goal of becoming a Survival Consultant. I have just finished my full-time position with Secret Compass in order to focus fully on further establishing myself in the outdoor field. As part of a team, I was supporting TV and Film Crews in the worlds most wild, remote and hazardous places, by providing risk management, safety support and logistical expertise. 


The skillset that I have gained from sailing oceans, organising and supporting expeditions, working in remote and far-flung locations and as a private chef for high profile clients is undeniably transferrable across many sectors. My experiences have enhanced my ability to improvise, adapt and operate calmly in a range of settings and circumstances.


As our world grows increasingly connected and ever smaller, it has become more of a challenge to find true adventure. To me, nothing is impossible and nowhere is unreachable. 







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